Letter: Norris: a former lover writes

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Sir: Steven Norris, serial adulterer ("Unrepentant Norris romps and tells", 24 September), seems to be frightfully pleased with himself and proud to tell the world about his cruel behaviour. The fact that he kept his long-suffering wife, Vicky, informed of his whereabouts only serves to underline his inability to understand others' sensibilities.

None of us was stupid or gullible, but we were impressed by his kindness, humour and ability to juggle a career and private life. We all believed that we were the most important thing in his life. Indeed, he often said that he wished to spend the rest of his life with me. My riposte to this was: "The rest of my life started some time ago."

His current ungentlemanly attitude simply astounds me; four of the five women in his life chose not to speak about their time with him, probably because we all, misguidedly, view him with some residual affection. Although he has been largely complimentary about us all, I fail to see why he has to embarrass them by bringing them into the limelight.

My sympathies are with Vicky, who has lived with this nightmare for so many years, watching the goalposts to see where they move to next.