Letter: Northern Ireland: a time for new concepts; Unionist fears; violence that can return

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Sir: So, after 25 years of bloody conflict and more than 3,000 deaths, the Troubles are over. Peace is here to stay, we are told, time to get out the bunting and celebrate. Among the Unionist population, however, there is nothing but fear for the future.

We are reassured, of course, that the IRA's intentions are sincere, that there is nothing to fear, no hidden agenda. That's what Gerry Adams tells us, John Hume tells us, and Albert Reynolds tells us. Yet, paradoxically, it is these men, in conjunction with the Irish-American lobby in Washington, who are the heart of the problem. Their fine words can never hide the fact that the 'peace process' is nationalist agenda for a Catholic-dominated, 32- county united Ireland with no room for the Unionist tradition. Their attentions have always been apparent, but never before has their strategy been so closely entwined as it is today, creating the pan-nationalist front which bears down on the Unionist population with a gun against its head.

Yours faithfully,


Gilford, Co Armagh

2 September