Letter: Northern Ireland is a millstone

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Northern Ireland is a millstone

From Mr P Tomlin

Sir: In all the unending controversy surrounding Northern Ireland, one interest is rarely, if ever, mentioned: that is, the interests of Britain. Is it in Britain's interest to continue pouring unending millions into security in Northern Ireland, not to mention this country?

The Canary Wharf bomb will cost the taxpayer millions. When hospitals have to close beds, nurses are made redundant through lack of funds, or schools starved of educational material, will it console us that the Union Jack still flies over Belfast, and that the Protestant ascendancy is maintained?

If the country were consulted by referendum, it probably would confirm what many have long suspected: that Northern Ireland is no more than a millstone round Britain's neck. Peace in the province will never come until sovereignty is transferred to the Irish Republic and partition ended.

The Irish Republic has a claim to sovereignty over the north: this claim should be tested by an all-Ireland referendum and the results acted upon. This would be in the interests of all, ultimately.

Yours faithfully,

P Tomlin

Godalming, Surrey