Letter: Norway's decision on whaling criticised

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Sir: Your report of Norway's adamant determination to resume commercial whaling ('Oslo refuses to change tack on whaling', 13 May) emphasised the contrast between Gro Harlem Brundtland's stance as the author of the UN's report on the environment, to which she lent her name, and Norway's position on whaling.

In particular, given the existence of an authoritative and responsible body such as the International Whaling Commission, I find it most regrettable that Norway should propose to take unilateral action in apparent defiance of the IWC's clear decisions. I very much hope that Norway will reconsider its position and decide to continue to work with the international community on this as well as the other environmental issues. After all, Mrs Brundtland has always been adamant that nations should work together to solve environmental problems and not take unilateral action when their national interest is involved.

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Minister of Agriculture

Fisheries & Food

Ministry of Agriculture,

Fisheries and Food

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