Letter: Not a problem, an opportunity

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YOUR ARTICLE about the Eathorne stone ('Farmer refuses to put standing stone its place', 28 June) explains that Phil Clemoes refuses to replace this ancient menhir because it might attract pagan worshippers. He is backed by the local Baptist minister, Rev Michael Caddick, on the grounds that the stone may have cultish significance.

Perhaps it might be appropriate to mention that the great Jewish patriarch Jacob used a stone as a headrest on his epic journey towards Haran (Genesis xxviii, 11), and that after his night-time vision that God was, indeed, in that place, he up-ended the stone as a memorial, pouring oil over it, and renamed the place Bethel (or house of God).

Accepting that the farmer and minister are acting in good faith, would it not be more positive if they jointly resurrected the menhir and offered to take turns telling this Old Testament story to all pagan worshipppers who turn up?

Judith Toms

Mid Glamorgan