LETTER: Not all Bosnian Serbs wish to negotiate a separate republic

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From Ms Lyda Aeissing-Wolff

Sir: There is no justification for the continuing outrageous Nato attacks on the Serbs in Bosnia. The UN special envoy, Yasushi Akashi, stated last Saturday that he understands why the Serbs don't remove their heavy weapons from around Sarajevo: Muslim artillery then would attack the Serbian suburbs.

But the air strikes go on. My country too is involved in these actions. I am not proud of being Dutch. To anyone with a mind of his or her own, it must be clear there are no good or bad guys in this conflict. With the attacks on Serbian targets in Bosnia, however, the supposed neutral UN and Nato, led by the US, have openly chosen sides.

Yours sincerely,

Lyda Aeissing-Wolff

Oosterhout Gld