Letter: Not-so-tidy villages

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Sir: With reference to the article 'Best Kept Village judge attacks prissy 'Aga louts' ' (1 June), Stephen Friar is misguided in his criticism of the Best Kept Village Competition so far as Oxfordshire is


Emphasis in judging rural communities and village features is nowadays more compatible with present and future trends in conserving and enhancing local environments, such as the creation of wildlife areas, installation of hedgerows, tree planting and not-so-trimmed verges, unless safety and visibility are key factors. Absence of litter and other mess are, of course, top priorities.

So far as we are concerned, the input is contributed by the majority in the village, whether they are long- term residents or newly arrived commuters. There is no evidence whatsoever of 'Nimby's Charter' or over-zealous tidiness in existence in the villages of Oxfordshire.

Yours faithfully,


Honorary Organiser

Best Kept Village Competition

Witney, Oxfordshire