Letter: Nothing 'super' about looking younger than you are

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AS A 'silver sixty' may I take exception to the assumption that it is admirable to look younger than your years ('Meet the superyoung', Real Life, 14 March).

There is no doubt in my mind which is preferable - to have energy and bounce, a sparkle in your eyes and an optimistic outlook, or to fool others that you are a few years younger than you are. So what? I no longer need to spend two hours in the bathroom before facing the world - two minutes is all it takes. And the money saved on cosmetics and hair-dye can be spent on a pretty blouse or an elegant pair of shoes.

The culture we have inherited condemns us to being classified as less competent the older we appear to be - an outlook that forces all of us eventually into failure. Unless, of course, like me, we choose to ignore it.

Vicky Austin-Clark

Maidenhead, Berks