Letter: Nursery role-play

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Sir: The term 'Wendy House' has been outlawed in education circles for a good many years. I wonder whether the rest of the study you report ('Wendy House becomes sexual background', 27 October) is equally out-dated. I speak as a teacher in a nursery unit where the Home Corner is equally accessible to both boys and girls at all times. Indeed, when 'dressing up' - as young children often do - some of the boys happily wear the dresses and skirts, while girls equally happily don 'Batman capes'.

Sexism is very much an attitude of mind, found mostly in extremists. We find no difficulties in accepting 'cross-dressing', as I presume some would label what we see as innocent role-play. Our attitude is that all activities are open to all children; no differentials are made. Both boys and girls cook, fight, play football, wash dolls, arrange 'dinner parties' - need I continue?

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27 October