Letter: Oasis dwarfed by Beatlemania

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Sir: According to Andrew Mueller, "the deification of the Beatles has been largely retrospective" ("A Liam isn't just for Christmas", 20 December) and "no other band has been more universally adored by their own country during their existence than Oasis".

It only takes a small effort of memory to conjure up the Beatlemania of 30 years ago, which dwarfs any adulation that might be felt for Oasis today: constant press reports on the doings of the Fab Four, Wilfrid Mellors pontificating on their music in The Times, OBEs being handed out by Harold Wilson, the conquering of America, Beatle jackets, moptop wigs, every single and every album being subject to minute scrutiny - I cannot see any of it happening to Oasis at the moment.


Henfield, West Sussex