Letter: Off-roaders who ride roughshod over others

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TIM Stevens, information officer for the Land Access and Recreation Association, argues that because national parks are for all to enjoy it therefore follows that those who want to enjoy them from behind the window of a Land Rover, off the road on the high moor, have as much right to do so as walkers. What nonsense.

The motorway system is also there for all to use and "enjoy". I use it regularly but to do so I have to be on or within a motorised vehicle with a capacity of more than 50cc. The law would not take kindly to my arguing that, as it was open to all, I should be able to lead a group of ramblers or cyclists along it.

Balancing legislation needs to be brought in quickly. No motorised vehicles should be allowed off the roads within specified areas such as national parks. As with the motorways there would, of course, need to be exceptions for those whose job it is to manage, maintain and service the countryside, such as farmers and rangers, but it should exclude the conveyance of tourists.

Mr Stevens clearly belongs to that group who can experience reality only at second-hand through a pane of glass. He seems to think we go on the moor only to look at the scenery. His other four senses of sound, smell, taste and touch are obviously dulled. Perhaps it is the effect of exhaust fumes.

JG Priestley

Tedburn St Mary, Devon