Letter: Off the road

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I DID NOT recognise myself in Nicholas Schoon's article "Why `off- road' vehicles should get off my road and off my planet" (16 March).

I have a 4WD, which is 10 years old. It is a good people-carrier, enjoyed as much by the grandchildren on the school run as more sedate folk on long luggage-laden journeys. It accommodates up to seven people, with easy access for a semi-cripple, and has the most comfortable driving position I have ever found. The view of the road makes for safer driving and passengers can enjoy looking over hedges and fences. As for being a gas-guzzler, our vehicle's fuel consumption compares favourably with most large family cars.

Living as we do in the depths of rural Dorset we are evidently already off Mr Schoon's planet.


Shaftesbury, Dorset