Letter: Offers the consumer shouldn't refuse

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Sir: Was Frank Barrett using an appropriate date to berate all fools? ('So what if the free flight never arrives?', 1 April).

Hoover simply made a silly miscalculation and is paying for it. Why shouldn't consumers choose to take up incredible offers if an established company such as Hoover makes them? Why shouldn't they then complain if the company does not honour its offer? This perfectly human touch of self-interest does not in any way prove a lack of concern for more important problems, as Mr Barrett seems to suggest.

On Tuesday my son went to Belgium. Two nights aboard ship and a whole day abroad were offered for just pounds 1. Was he a 'sucker' to take up this apparently incredible offer? No. He had a great time, and is probably more aware of the world and its problems than if he had ignored the offer and stayed at home worrying about the state of the nation.

Yours faithfully,


Bures, Suffolk

1 April