LETTER : Old gits blaze trail for baby-faced boyz

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From Ms Catherine Rose

Sir: I think John Lyttle is unduly pessimistic "Men will be boys -it's safer that way", 3 March). Alongside "role models" Brad Pitt and Macauley Culkin, there are a good few old geezers, too. Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman et al, all of them over 60, and some much older such as Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, are still starring in mainstream movies and apparently making a good thing out of it. Even Harrison Ford is over 50.

On the other hand, the roles they play may not be any more conducive to halting the fall in the Western male sperm count than Forrest Gump: sadistic ageing gungslingers, past-it FBI men and grumpy old gits. But at least their continuing presence in the Pantheon might suggest to the "boyz" that there is life after adolescence, and one day they're going to have to face up to it.

Yours faithfully,




3 March