LETTER: Omission on Arab maps

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From Mr Bernard Josephs

Sir: Robert Fisk points out that Israeli government maps and statistics about Israel and its neighbours do not mention a Palestinian entity between Jerusalem and Jordan ("Five million Arabs who don't exist", 11 August). No doubt when the peace process is completed this error will be put right.

However, I am puzzled that he should at the same time omit any mention of the fact that for the past 47 years, no map produced by any Arab country (with the exception of Egypt, which concluded peace with Israel in 1979) has either mentioned or suggested that there is an independent Jewish state in existence between Jerusalem and the Mediterranean.

Despite years of negotiations towards peace, the situation has changed little. On most Arab maps, Israel simply does not exist.

Mr Fisk's criticism of Israeli reluctance to include "Palestine" in its official maps of the region may be valid. But it is his failure to castigate the Arabs for doing the same with Israel that speaks volumes.

Yours faithfully,

Bernard Josephs

Diplomatic Editor

Jewish Chronicle

London, EC4