Letter: On the achievement of an epic journey

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Sir: How could you print such a mealy-mouthed article as that of Margaret Maxwell's regarding Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Dr Michael Stroud (15 February)? Their efforts and accomplishments were superb and they are a credit to this country. True, the journey was also a means to a living for Sir Ranulph, but my God, what a hard way to make a living - certainly sitting in a cosy office churning out a load of tripe like your Ms Maxwell would come easier, but who would be interested?

As for not venturing into the wilderness again on her behalf - I trust that she does not suffer from multiple sclerosis. Unfortunately, there are many people who do and it is with deep gratitude that we thank him and Dr Stroud for their marvellous effort and for their support to the MS fund-raising cause. Sir Ranulph and Dr Stroud, we salute you both.

Yours faithfully,


Towcester, Northamptonshire

16 February