Letter: On the edge of a new age

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your front page assertion ("Five dates when the Apocalypse was predicted", 25 April) that Evangelicals and Pentecostals "are convinced that the world will really end this time" and that "we are living in end- times" is misleading. As a Pentecostal writer and teacher of prophecy for more than 25 years, I do not know of any denomination or institution which teaches this.

What we do teach, in a theological nutshell, is that we are on the edge of a new age: we live in "end-times" only in respect of the passing age, not the end of the world. It is true that we believe, from the Scriptures, in a holocaust called Armageddon, after which Jesus Christ will return to Earth, but none teach that this Armageddon will be terminal for planet Earth, or its occupants. On the contrary, those who survive these events will go into a millennial age of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

The Rev Michael B. Wieteska

Church of the Living Saviour