Letter: On the right path

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Sir: John Wareing (letter, 18 June) is wrong. Cyclists and pedestrians can, and do, successfully mix. In Cambridge, many miles of shared cyclist/pedestrian paths have been provided alongside main roads, making positive use of formerly useless pavement space, and they work. Contact between pedestrians and cyclists is not a problem if cyclists ride at a safe and considerate speed. Little more is required for peaceful co-existence.

Safe and effective cycle paths are few and far between, and will remain so until major public investments are made. In the meantime, I encourage my 13-year-old daughter to ride with care on the mainly empty pavements alongside main roads, and ride through the local park to school.

This may be illegal. It is, however, potentially lifesaving. As a parent, I would prefer to pay for a fine than a funeral.

Yours sincerely,


London, W12

18 June