Letter: On the right road for Sarajevo

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Sir: I was with the Kurds in northern Iraq when you published the call for an extra 1,800 UN troops to be deployed to reopen the coastal relief road to Sarajevo, with a mandate to use force if necessary. Belatedly, but enthusiastically, I write to support your proposal. The UN has done a fine job in saving hundreds of thousands of people from starvation and disease. The British contingent to the UN force - and the work of British voluntary organisations like Save the Children and Oxfam - have done their best.

But the UN must have its mandate strengthened and the numbers of troops increased if the fearful bloodshed is to be brought to an end with some honourable peace settlement. Western governments have been too timid - and our Government hints that we may soon pull out. That would be a disgrace and a betrayal. Some new initiative is needed to support the Geneva talks.



Vice Chairman

United Nations Association

(Foreign Office Minister, 1974-76)

House of Lords

London, SW1

31 July