Letter: On the side of animals and children

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AS AN animal rights campaigner I take exception to the inference that we in any way 'exploit' our younger supporters ('When children put animals first', 11 April). The national animal rights societies are right in saying that it is the children who come to us. Most are serious and sincere in their concern.

As I see it the true motive test for 'exploitation' must surely be who stands to make the most money from public agreement with their views - animal rights activists (of whom only a small minority are paid), or multi-billion-pound animal-abuse-based industries employing thousands of people such as the meat industry, the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry (to name but a few)?

I find it most hurtful that anyone imagines we would condone the exploitation of children any more than we would that of animals. Many of us are parents ourselves.

As for animal rights taking precedent over those of humans, what rubbish] With human charities outweighing animal by some five to one, there is no question that humans come first. Humans see to that]

L Kennedy

Coventry, West Midlands