Letter: On track for confrontation

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Sir: John Willcock's new manly piece on Nicola Foulston, chief executive of Brands Hatch Leisure, (17 April) insults the British racing establishment and British racers.

Quite a few people felt that some of the money spent on Ms Foulston's cosmetic improvements should have been spent on improving the track itself. But then, they're "only in it for the sport" so their opinions are irrelevant.

Nicola Foulston didn't run up against a "wall of testosterone" because she was a woman taking on the "blazer-and-cravat-wearing male motor-racing establishment". Racers aren't sexist as a general rule - as even Barbara Cartland, who used to race Bentleys in the late Twenties, could tell you. She ran up against people who simply didn't like the cut of her jib - for very good reasons.