Letter: One giant to another

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Sir: Tim Harrison ('The tall are tired of being looked down on', 3 August) has plainly not come to terms with the lofty ideals that we giants aspire to. I have found it a great advantage to be 6ft 8in. At social gatherings, you know that if people don't see you, it is because they do not want to; conversely, it is easy at parties to spot pretty girls from a great distance.

Crowded art galleries are no problem, nor are rugby matches. Manual work around the house and garden is made easy: I have never had to buy a step ladder.

I admit that shopping can take longer, as people show no hesitation in asking for help in reaching goods from the top shelves of supermarkets; however, it does make the whole ghastly business slightly more human. Tourists also appreciate giants - I have been used as background, as foreground, and as a taker of aerial photographs.

No, Mr Harrison. Stand up straight and be thankful that you don't have to behave like the arch-dwarf Hitler to be noticed.

Yours faithfully,


Haslemere, Surrey

4 August