Letter: Only a faint Eco of green politics

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Sir: In your report 'New splinter group divides Greens' (4 April), Judy Maciejowska, chair of Eco, outlines the need for a political party based on ecological values. That party already exists. It is called the Green Party. The Green Party does not seek to promote environmental concern only in its very narrow sense, however. Green politics cannot operate in a political vacuum. We must tackle issues such as poverty, inequality and exploitation of the Third World if we are to build an ecologically sustainable future that is anything like worthwhile. It is sad that a former member of the Green Party should dismiss these concerns as the 'dregs of socialism'.

If, as your report suggests, green politics in the UK really is to face a damaging split, then let us examine the facts:

On the one hand, we have a buoyant, rejuvenated Green Party that will be working to strengthen its local government base in May as well as fielding candidates in the European parliamentary elections in June, where it will be working alongside its sister parties throughout the EU with a clearly defined programme for a greener Europe.

On the other hand, we have Eco, which to my knowledge will not be standing candidates in either set of elections, and whose members apparently need to spend the next five to 10 years deciding whether they want to become a political party, making only the occasional rude remark about the Green Party to break the monotony.



Elections Co-ordinator

Green Party Executive

London, SE8