LETTER: Operatic snobbery

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From Miss Marjorie Dawson

Sir: As a member of the working class, I resent Terry Dicks's imputation that I am an "arty-farty" type who indulges in "corporate entertaining" (report, 16 October). Classical music and theatre are my interests, and I rejoice that some of my pounds 1-a-week lottery ticket goes to the arts. I attend the Royal Opera House, in the (very) cheap seats, English National Opera (ditto), and various concert halls and theatres. Without them my working-class life would be desperately impoverished.

I, conversely, do not seethe with vociferous resentment at the money that goes to sport and to charities, when their turn for allocation of lottery money comes around.

Yours faithfully,

Marjorie Dawson

London, E17