Letter: Opposition to NHS reforms

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Sir: Leading articles in your newspaper have at least been consistent in their support for the NHS reforms. How ironic then to read your latest claim that 'the NHS reforms are becoming accepted' ('All change in BR's culture', 23 January) at a time when hospitals are having to reduce services because they are running out of money. Accepted by whom? Patients, doctors, others in the NHS?

The sad fact is that the Government's hastily introduced changes are having the effect that many people predicted when they were introduced - a restriction of patient choice, a two-tier service, a burgeoning bureaucracy. Those who use the NHS and those who work in the service, far from accepting the reforms, are now urging the Government to correct their many deficiencies as the numerous reports on your own news pages testify.

Yours faithfully,


Head of Central Services

British Medical Association

London, WC1

28 January