Letter : Orange and purple poetry

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From Mr George Weston

Sir: H. Patroons (letter, 18 February) has shown a brave attempt to provide a rhyme for "orange", but I don't think "lozenge" really foots the bill.

As anyone living in the Abergavenny area knows, there is only one true rhyme for "orange", and that is the name of the mountain which overlooks the southern aspect of the town.

This has been immortalised by the local bard, Daffydd Trawsfynnydd ap Llewellyn-Jones:

As I left Aber town one day, a suckin' on an orange,

I saw the rain clouds rolling in from the direction of the Blorenge,

I didn't have my mac with me, so I lost my will to wander,

I therefore went back in my house and listened to the thunder.



Chepstow, Gwent