Letter: Other voices

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I WAS sorry to read Melanie McDonagh's criticism of the Independent on Sunday's Kosovan coverage ("The seeds of betrayal", 9 May), which has often been a breath of fresh air in comparison to the obsequious approach taken by most other media.

McDonagh raises broader points, however. She believes, probably correctly, that the Kosovan Albanians face a diplomatic stitch-up - but why did she believe the Nato line in the first place? It must now be clear to all but the most incompetently credulous that this Nato action has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting refugees. The refugees are merely a tragically convenient excuse for Nato to prolong its lunatic prosecution of this air bombardment and punish an insolent Serbia.

The colonial attitude is clear: when it comes to dealing with problem states, West is still best and certainly might is right. Britain and Tony Blair increasingly resemble the smaller playground bully seeking to impress the more accomplished bully through sheer belligerence.

This is manifestly not a "new type of war" fought in the name of humanitarian ideals ushering in a period of international justice and co-operation. The usual deadly paraphernalia of cruise missiles, cluster bombs, collateral damage and B52s do not facilitate justice, only carnage.