Letter: Our democracy can easily survive the downfall of the monarchy

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MONARCHISTS tend to devalue or deny our democratic tradition which, from the 17th century, parallels the pre-rational fixation with the perpetuation of the Royal Family ('The Great British Republic', 30 August). They fail to see that a republic would maintain much of value from the present order, while those parts excised would form a world well lost. The monarchy is a linchpin only for a system of feudal relationships; it is wrong to identify it with the totality of our constitutional order.

As to the unfounded fear of mass resignation from the armed forces, if it did occur, it should be welcomed: it is the military's role to protect 'the people', not the continuation of some tribal, hereditary line.

The removal of the monarchy would be one small step, but a highly symbolic one, towards our learning to be competent citizens; towards our learning to examine a person's arguments rather than the colour of her/his blood; towards the reinvigoration of our defunct democracy.

Steven Curtis

Redland, Bristol