Letter: Out of touch with Labour's grassroots

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Sir: With reference to Peter Hain's article ('Activists are not being invited to Blair's party', 12 August), it would seem that it is he, and not Tony Blair, who is out of touch with the Labour Party's grassroots.

I, like over half my fellow party members, voted for Tony Blair in the leadership election. Peter Hain's preferred candidate received less than one-fifth of the votes. Furthermore, Mr Blair has one of the most active local parties with more than 2,000 members; Mr Hain's has less than one- third of that. Nationwide, the party's recruitment has more than doubled this year.

Mr Hain has no mandate to speak for Labour's membership and I am sure that most other party members will share my distaste at his divisive antics.

Yours sincerely,


London, WC2

12 August