Letter: Oxford supported my son

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Oxford supported my son

Sir: Our son, Simon, was a history scholar at Exeter College, Oxford. He gained a first-class degree in 1994 and enjoyed participating in many aspects of university life. In November 1994, he committed suicide. He suffered intermittently from depression.

It is all too easy, with hindsight, to speculate how this, and similar horrendous tragedies, might have been avoided. Simon had great support from his Oxford college, caring psychiatric support and loving family and friends. Of course we say "If only

We do not feel that Oxford University is in any way to blame. Thousands of students pass through Oxbridge (as did two of our other children) and live life to the full as highly stimulated, motivated and well-balanced people.

Simon was top of the history faculty - he had everything to live for but chose not to do so. Apportioning blame helps no one and detracts from the lives these people lived.


Worthing, West Sussex