LETTER: Pacific nuclear tests: French public opinion, British history, Labour policy

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From Mr Jacques Tarrade

Sir: During the last couple of days I've been reading with a lot of interest your articles about the French nuclear testing in the South Pacific. I'm French and I feel disgusted by the arrogant attitude of Jacques Chirac, but I would like to add a few personal remarks about the tests.

In one of your articles you said that nuclear power was the pride of France. Could you not have made a distinction between the French government and the two thirds of the French population that is against the tests? I get the same kind of reaction from people at work, who think that, as I am French, I am pro-nuclear testing.

When they become president, politicians are judged by the public according to the first important decision they take. Thirty five years ago during the Cold War, de Gaulle, Chirac's hero, made a step towards Germany to secure peace in Europe. Today, when the Cold War is over, Chirac begins nuclear testing and makes not only himself look like a clown, but also the majority of French people who do not agree with his decision.

Salutations amicales,

Jacques Tarrade

Stalybridge, Cheshire

8 September