Letter: Parc teething problems

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Sir: I welcome Stephen Shaw's letter following his recent visit to Parc Prison (21 May). His generous comments on the design of the prison and the commitment of our staff are much appreciated.

As with all new prisons - both public and private - Parc has had teething problems and an action plan has been drawn up to rectify them. As a governor with more than 30 years' experience in the Prison Service, I am wholly committed to implementing best practice at Parc.

Earlier this week the Home Secretary indicated that privately built and managed prisons offer best value for money. His statement follows a report by the Home Affairs Select Committee which concluded that privately managed prisons should be allowed to develop further.

I am determined to ensure that the performance of Parc Prison continues to improve and believe that the quality of service at Parc will justify the Government's confidence in the private prison sector.


Director, HM Prison Parc

Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan