LETTER : Parties rescued a VAT absurdity

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your leading article was a welcome challenge to the mainstream grey parties to address the real problems afflicting us today. But what a pity that you continue to propagate the myth that the Green Party is a "single issue" party.

The Greens recognise that a healthy environment, economic and social justice, and a true democracy are interconnected. That is why we advocate a phased restructuring of the taxation system to shift the burden from labour to pollution and resource use; a basic income scheme for all, demolishing the poverty trap; and a strengthening of democracy and personal freedom through such measures as proportional representation, a Freedom of Information Act and a Bill of Rights. Hardly single issue!

I suggest that it is the grey parties who are "single issue". Their damaging reliance on "economic growth" as a solution to all ills will inevitably perpetuate a widening gap between rich and poor, greater environmental destruction and ultimately a lower quality of life.


Southampton Green Party