Letter: Peace convoy shames politicians

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Sir: In defence of Chamberlain's derided Munich appeasement, history records that the British people were largely ignorant of Hitler's barbarisms. Also, the military might of Germany meant that in opposing her we risked defeat and occupation. Chamberlain, a decent, principled man with a laudable desire to avoid trouble, avoided the worst consequences of his miscalculations by surrendering power to a rougher, tougher successor who reversed this policy.

John Major has some Chamberlainesque qualities, but lacks the excuses. He is not ignorant of the appalling brutalities of Bosnia, nor does he have to temper the pursuit of justice with the fear of reprisal.

Where is the latter-day Churchill who will oppose tyranny for justice's sake? Where is that resolution in us all to throw off Pharisaic detachment and demand leadership that has 'nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat'?


Foulsham, Norfolk

6 August