Letter: Peace convoy shames politicians

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Sir: One thousand people from all over Europe are now on the road from Split to Sarajevo. They are part of the Mir Sada (Peace Now) Convoy. Six hundred others are assembling in Split to follow them. They are unarmed, and carrying desperately needed humanitarian aid supplies to Sarajevo's besieged citizens.

Their proposed route (via Prozor, Gornji Vakuf and Vitez) will take them through areas of fierce fighting. They are in great danger; they have neither asked for, nor will they receive, anything other than the grave crisis assistance that Unprofor offers to Bosnian civilians. They are willing to take the risk in order to help other human beings who are weakened and under attack.

World governments are so fettered by political ineptitude, competition for supremacy and financial selfishness that they foster such carnage as we are witness to in Bosnia. That they are then unable to open up and protect aid supply routes or ensure the safe liberation of innocent civilians, and that it is left to a handful of courageous and principled people to do it for them is a shameful reflection on humanity.

Yours faithfully,


European Dialogue

London, N4

6 August