Letter: Pedalling humans vs electric vehicles

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Sir: In John Blauth's article ('Aiming for waste products we can drink', 28 June), he correctly observes that electric cars, 'because they use electricity generated in power stations . . . are net polluters'. But then he extols the virtues of hydrogen as a fuel because 'when burnt (it) produces no carbon gases at all; its waste is simply water'.

In truth, as a fuel, hydrogen has exactly the same drawback as electricity. Hydrogen does not exist in a free form in nature; it has to be generated, usually by electrolysis of water. In effect, every unit of energy extracted from hydrogen fuel has to be put into it in the first place in the form of electricity, which has to be generated in a power station, taking the problem back to square one.

Yours faithfully,


Market Rasen,


28 June