Letter: Pensioners' plight worsens

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Sir: At last pensions have come to the forefront of the political agenda (election '97; "Blair attacks pension proposals", 25 April). It was bound to happen. There are 10.2 million very disgruntled pensioners out there and when all the sound and fury of the exchanges has subsided they will remember which political party has deprived a single pensioner of pounds 21 a week and a married pensioner couple of pounds 33 a week.

They will remember that 1.5 million of their contemporaries are claiming income support because their pensions are so low. That a further million are believed to be entitled to income support but not claiming it, and living in poverty. That 7 million pensioners do not receive sufficient income to pay income tax, and that year on year their plight will get worse.

They will remember whose policies over the past 18 years have brought this about. They will surely vote accordingly.