Letter: Pest power

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MATTHEW Harvey (Letters, 4 September) will find millions of us echoing his objections to arrogant telesales callers, who make it impossible for ordinary citizens to be free of impertinent 'hucksters', even in our own homes at evenings and weekends. Yet lengthy correspondence with BT has shown that our masters in Westminster are on the side of the phone pests, not their victims.

BT advises that under Condition 8 of the Self Provision Licence, telesales callers must stop calling people who say they object to such calls. If these phone pests continue, the victim must (at some trouble and expense) send each offender a recorded delivery letter of objection. If these are ignored, the victim then has to get involved with various statutory bodies - probably without any result.

I can only draw attention to one important fact: firms that show no concern for the privacy or rights of their fellow citizens, are not likely to show much concern for the quality and value of their own products and services.

Uxbridge, Middlesex