Letter: Philistine reactions to our city trees

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Sir: The new policy of some councils and developers (Section II; 'No place for a tree', 12 November) of removing the old large trees from our cities' pavements is outrageous. The large chestnut, elm and plane trees are a cultural institution in many large towns, and in London are as much part of the city as the Underground or the red buses.

The excuses made by these council officials for getting rid of the trees are lamentable. Reasons vary from the 'excessive attention a tree needs' to 'management difficulties'. However, if these philistines win we may have cities full of cherry trees.

Plane, elm, ash and chestnut have been part of city life throughout Europe over the past 200 years. We must act now to protect them, for some councils have already started removing the grand old trees.

Yours sincerely,




12 November

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