Letter: Pigs with names

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Sir: Pigs are certainly "intelligent, gutsy creatures" (letter, 19 January), but I dispute that they would rather we did not eat them.

The world would be poorer if pigs could only be found in zoos. It is because we can make good use of sausages and ham that some of us can enjoy their company, sense of humour and inventiveness in gamesmanship, and admire the nests they build for their twice-yearly accouchements.

My family has for 50 years used names to come to terms with the destiny of all farm animals. Pigs destined for pork had no individual names but were given the greatest consideration and freedom of their 11 acres during their four months. The few destined for bacon were named to mark their special good fortune in enjoying sun, mud and woodland romps for seven months.

Parting is always difficult but a price worth paying for the previous companionship and good life.



North Yorkshire