Letter: Plea to end genocide as a weapon of war

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Sir: Simon May (Letters, 27 April) asks: 'Where are the voices of the great religions on the carnage in Bosnia? Where is the Pope and all the bishops? Where is the reborn Russian Orthodox Church? Where are the Muslim leaders?'

The European Evangelical Alliance and the Evangelical Alliance of the UK are awaiting a reply to a joint letter to Prime Minister John Major, urging action against genocide as a weapon of war.

Not only in Bosnia, but also in Nagorny Karabakh and the Sudan, innocent people of all ages are facing systematic execution, often in the most barbarous of manners. Fears of such murder drive many thousands of others to flee their homes and add to the rapidly rising tide of displaced peoples.

On behalf of well over one million evangelical Christians, we respectfully called upon the Government to commit itself, together with other European governments and UN members, to intervene militarily, if appropriate, to both protect the victims and put an end to this barbarous practice wherever it occurs. If human rights declarations are to have any value, human dignity must be protected.

Yours sincerely,


International Secretary

Evangelical Alliance UK

London, SE11