Letter: PM's empty rhetoric

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Sir: By caving in to the Tory right, it seems that John Major has abandoned his big ideas of a 'Classless Society', 'Citizen's Charter' and 'Britain at ease with itself'.

In his speech at the Tory party conference, Mr Major made not a single reference to these 'ideas', despite the fact that they were expostulated with great vigour just before and after the general election.

It is now clear that his 'big ideas' were nothing more than empty rhetoric designed by the Tory Central Office to hoodwink the British public. How can anyone take seriously his new slogans of 'core values' and 'going back to the basics'?

No wonder all sensible British people have grave doubts about the sincerity of Mr Major and his platitudes. Baroness Thatcher is quite justified to call him an intellectual lightweight.

Yours faithfully,


Alcester, Warwickshire