Letter: Polenta - a delicacy eaten by magpies

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Sir: It is only to be expected that those in the outer suburbs who are still eating sun-dried tomatoes (so very Eighties) would be unable to appreciate the joys of polenta (Letters, 13 June).

Charlie Burgess should realise that here in Islington, where it certainly does feel as though the waves of the Mediterranean are lapping on the shores of Upper Street, the only true way to eat this delicacy is to let it cool as a flat slab, cut it into pieces and then gently fry in olive oil.

If the wet polenta has already been cooked in stock and then a little garlic and rosemary or perhaps some pecorino or purple basil pesto stirred in, so much the better. Or it can be topped with some chargrilled vegetables and buffalo mozzarella. If it makes him feel better, Mr Burgess could even stir in some of those tough little red things he likes ...


London N19