Letter: Police work to eradicate sexism

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Sir: There is sexism in the police and it should be eradicated (report, 3 September). However, our members are drawn from society and our attitudes reflect society as a whole.

Indeed, as officers have become better educated and better trained, there is a feeling that we are ahead of the game compared with most other walks of life. I have heard more than one tale of an initiation ceremony when a young male has found himself in a predominantly female workplace. This is not a justification for sexism but the problem is not peculiar to the police nor to male environments.

To imply that no woman is safe in a police station is a slur on thousands of men who have dedicated their lives to making life safer for everyone. I was twice saved from serious injury by a quick-thinking and courageous woman colleague. Sexism is not just nasty, it's plain daft.

Detective Constable PETER SAVAGE

Charlwood, Surrey