Letter: Policing Brixton

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Sir: I refer to your article on Landor Road, SW9 (2 November).

I have every sympathy with people living in any area infested by street drug dealers and also for the victims of such abhorrent crimes as domestic burglary and robbery. Consequently, I take this opportunity to invite your original correspondent and those who have subsequently written to contact me at Brixton Police Station so that we can discuss possible solutions to the difficult problems.

I felt, however, that the article was unfair to the many dedicated, hard-working and courageous men and women serving on my division who selflessly risk their safety to enhance the quality of life for residents of Brixton as a whole. Our record against crime and drug-

related matters would stand up to any scrutiny and our efforts against criminals with firearms are well known and publicised in more balanced reports elsewhere.

I believe your readers should know that after the article was printed I did invite you to meet, interview and patrol with my front- line officers to let you see at first hand how we tackle the many difficult and demanding issues a lively division such as Brixton faces. You refused the offer. I believe this is

to your detriment, and certainly makes me, an Independent reader of long-standing, wonder just how independent you are.

Yours faithfully,


Chief Superintendent

Brixton Police Station

Metropolitan Police Service

London, SW9