LETTER : Political asylum does not permit propaganda campaigns

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From Mr James R. Adams

Sir: I am totally opposed to the international arms trade. With the quantity of weaponry in the world, I am at a loss to know why another gun should be made or sold. I am appalled that the minuscule and diminishing budget of the Overseas Development Agency seems seldom to have as a priority those most in need of development overseas.

And yet, Mohammed al-Masari has been a guest in this country, and has used that position to attempt to subvert another country with which we have friendly relations, and which was an ally in a recent conflict. Although Dominica seems less urbanised than the UK, I would be surprised if Mr al-Masari was unable to find a fax machine there.

In short, his deportation will put him in no danger, will not stop his activities and will remove economic risks from many ordinary UK citizens. This seems to me to be a rational act.

Yours faithfully,

James R. Adams

Weybridge, Surrey

6 January