Letter: Political violence in Nigeria

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Sir: I am writing to add my concern to the detention and trial of General Olusengun Obansanjo, Major General Yar'Adua and several other senior citizens of Nigeria, who are facing long prison sentences or execution by the military dictatorship of General Sani Abacha.

Although Britain has added her voice to those calling for the immediate release of those under detention and trial, more is needed if political and economic pressures from abroad are to help normalise the situation in Nigeria.

Nigeria should be suspended from the Commonwealth; any Commonwealth country that takes the path of military rule with human rights violations should be suspended. This will force undemocratic men from undertaking that road to power.

It is important that action is taken to avert the execution of Obansanjo and all those under trial in the faked coup attempt. It is also important to work towards averting further political violence in Nigeria, since any violence would have very serious repercussions, internal and on the ongoing wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Nigeria is sitting on gun power.

Yours faithfully,

Napoleon Abdulai

London, N1