Letter: Pool resources for better ME treatment

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Sir: Of course psychological illnesses are real. The reason that ME sufferers (myself included) become infuriated by the suggestion that ME is in the mind is not in order to denigrate the very real trauma and suffering of psychological illnesses but because if ME is an organic illness, treatment by psychiatrists will be unhelpful and use up precious time and money that could be devoted to sensible research.

There is evidence that ME is organic. Tests have shown ME sufferers have abnormalities in neuro-hormonal function, especially in the mid-brain and hypothalamus, impaired blood flow to the brain and altered red blood cell shape populations

ME is far more than just lethargy. Symptoms include flu-like malaise with profound fatigue, dizziness, distressing neurological problems, blurred vision, disturbed sleep, muscle fatigue, muscle pain and vulnerability to infections.

Surely ME can now move away from woolly hypothesising and into the domain of intelligent research that its sufferers have so long waited for.


London SW15