Letter: Poor outlook for `Cassandra'

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Sir, Tony Blair must be quaking in his boots with "Cassandra", a supposedly senior MP, after him (report, 16 November). So senior in fact that he will not do what all politicians love to do, put his name to an article.

Fortunately for Mr Blair the reality is that no post-war Labour leader has ever been pushed out of office. Even Michael Foot staved that off. Blair is unlikely to think that he, probably the first Labour leader for two decades to win an election, is going to be pushed out.

As someone who cast their vote in the all-members ballot for leader, I am somewhat perturbed that MPs who do not accept Blair as leader cannot even say so publicly. They are so far out on a limb they dare not even admit who they are for fear of what the other 99 per cent of the party who support Blair will do to them. I would rather hear no more of them.


London SW12