Letter: Positive support for children's TV

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Sir: Marianne Macdonald's negative portrayal of the performance of BBC-TV's children's programmes cannot pass unchallenged ("X-Files takes over world of Andy Pandy", 20 June).

It fails to reflect both the wide range of opinions expressed at the BBC governors' seminar and the current popular and critical success of the BBC Children's schedule.

I was not a witness to a "damning verdict". Those taking part - children, teenagers, parents, experts, teachers, psychologists and programme makers from ITV, satellite and cable - were overwhelmingly positive about the quality and relevance of our output.

The BBC is painstaking in listening to the views and concerns of children and to putting their needs in the forefront of creating an unmatched range of award-winning programmes. The net result is that 80 per cent of the nation's children (4-15 year olds) tune into the BBC's children's service in an average week.

The BBC is listening; the nation's children are watching.


Managing Director

BBC Network Television

London W12